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Hay Festival Arequipa works in collaboration with several organisations.


The Welsh Government supports the Hay Festival sponsoring one of the main venues: Teatro Fénix Escenario Gales - Llywan Cymru

From this stage, the public can enjoy face-to-face activities during the four days of the festival, with some of those event shared digitally, via streaming, on our website.

Discover Wale’s rich culture and history. From world-famous arts to jaw-dropping scenery. It all comes with a legendary warm welcome.



Thanks to our partnership with the BBVA Foundation, girls and boys will be able to enjoy Hay Festival Arequipa. Hay Festivalito is the section of the festival created for children. We will held parallel events to the general programme, with a wide range of events for everyone, to watch them on our website and social media. With authors such as Katya Adaui, Fernando Ampuero, Andrea Lértora, Gioconda Belli, Alberto Montt, Adela Muñoz Páez, Carmen Pachas Piélago, Claudia Piñeiro, Eduardo Tokeshi and Alberto VergaraYou can find the full programme here.


SURA, Hay Festival Ally for Latin America continues to support the Festival. On this occasion, they co-organise these two conversations: Chroniclers of a continent. Patricia Nieto and Joseph Zárate in conversation with Mariana Sánchez Aizcorbe and Future, challenges and hope in Latin America. Carmen McEvoy, Carlos Peña and Andrés Velasco in conversation with Natalia Sobrevilla.


Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is a Spanish public body dedicated to promoting Spain’s culture and heritage, inside and outside the country, through an extensive programme of activities. This includes exhibitions, meetings, conferences, film, theatre, music, audio-visual productions and initiatives that boost the mobility of professionals and artists. As part of the promotion of the internationalization and mobility of Spanish literary professionals, AC/E collaborates with the Hay Festivals held around the world, co-organizing activities for the promotion and dissemination abroad of the work of Spanish writers. Hay Festival Arequipa 2022 gatheres a number of talented Spanish artists as Nuria Barrios, Nando López, Adela Muñoz Páez, Esther Paniagua, Rocío Quillahuaman and César Rendueles..


The Hay Festival and the British Council launched a global alliance in the 2010 Hay-on-Wye Festival and have since then worked together to bring British writers and thinkers to a larger global audiences. The British Council literary team fosters British editors, poets and writers in different communities and audiences all over the world, developing high-quality and innovative events that create connections between writers, editors and cultural institutions. The British authors of Hay Festival Arequipa 2022 are supported by the British Council: Sarah Churchwell and Nikita Lalwani. The foregoing in order to ensure that the knowledge and experience of the United Kingdom in the field of literature is recognized and appreciated by different Peruvian audiences.


To accompany the programmes of the Hispanic festivals, expanding their scope through the use of digital tools, Hay Festival has teamed up with BBC Mundo for the preparation of a supplementary online programme in which Hay Festival Arequipa guests and other major figures in the world of European and American culture talk about current affairs, offer suggestions for books to read and authors they admire, and share their views on specific subjects. Readers can also find notes of interest and test their knowledge of literature and the Spanish language.

This digital programme, with exclusive online videos, texts, images and conversations, was broadcasted on the website and social media of BBC Mundo and Hay Festival


Hay Festival and El País established a media alliance for all the festivals in Latin America, bringing the festival to the readers of the newspaper, and the interviews and investigations of the newspaper to the spectators of the festival. The newspaper featured a talk at each festival with a great international personality, and both organizations shared content to bring the Hay Festival closer to the readers of El País. In this edition journalist and writer Daniel Alarcón wil talk to Inés Santaeulalia, correpondent of El País América.


2 of November will be the fourth edition of Hay Forum Moquegua, thanks to the support of Anglo American. The Forum will be completely free, with authors such as Katya Adaui, Jeremías Gamboa, Andrea Lértora, Vanessa Londoño, Nando López, Rocío Quillahuaman, Kathy Serrano y Ricardo Sumalavia.


The Eccles Centre & Hay Festival Writer's Award is an annual award of £20,000 for a current writing project exploring the Americas. Sponsored by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, the Writer’s Award is run in partnership with Hay Festival. The award was open to writers working on full-length non-fiction or fiction books, in English or Spanish that require research use of the British Library’s Americas collections. Hay Festival, the not-for-profit event series with editions across the Americas, was pleased to supported the award in reaching the widest possible audiences, profiling winners at its festivals around the world. At Hay Festival Arequipa 2022 we will enjoy the following event: Fictions in indigenous languages. Carmen Pachas Piélago and Roberto Zariquiey in conversation with Jorge Beregal la Vera


Hay Diálogos con Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos aims to favor the knowledge and exchange between authors of different generations and nationalities who are united by the same language and a shared literary tradition which is enriched by authors of different origins. This proposal which was developed in each and every one of the existing Hay Festivals, consisted in the participation of an acclaimed author, who nominated a younger author from Latin America or Spain (the Spanish authors picked a Latin American author and vice versa). This is, thus, a dialogue that builds bridges between different generations and countries, with one branch of literature, that is, Spanish literature, acting as a link. In this edition the Spanish writer Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and the Peruvian Jeremías Gamboa, author of Animales Luminosos, will talk to Jorge Turpo.


This year we have strenghened our partnership with the German association Freundeskreis Arequipa e.V, whose main task is to support the comprehensive development of vulnerable children and youth from Arequipa. Freundeskreis Arequipa E.V. supports Hogar de Cristo association, which manages a home aimed at providing comprehensive support to an average of 80 girls and boys with limited resources,  who will have a reserved percentage of the capacity of our activities at Hay Festivalito. This way, Hogar de Cristo children will be integrated and have the possibility of sharing with other children important and fun moments.


Several guests of the Hay Festival Arequipa will visit the Arequipa Penitentiary Center for men and women, to offer a session in each sector, motivating the prison population to also feel served by the Festival, through topics of current interest to them.

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