Hay Festival Querétaro 2021 – Human Rights

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Event 10

James Rhodes in conversation with Lydia Cacho

Sede Digital Hay Querétaro
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James Rhodes (United Kingdom) is neither a pianist or a writer. Besides being one of the most eminent renovators of classical music on an international level, he is the author of one of the most impactful memoirs of recent years: Instrumental, where he exposes the child abuse he suffered and praises the healing power of music. A Save the Children ambassador and tireless campaigner for the improvement of laws that protect childhood all around the world, Rhodes will talk to Lydia Cacho, another great example of international activism, in a conversation that promises to be both revealing and significant.

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Event 13

Ken Loach and Isabella Lorusso in conversation with Diego Rabasa (Spanish version)

Fighting Women

Llwyfan Digidol Cymru – Wales Digital Stage
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Fighting Women is a compilation of interviews of Spanish women who took part in the civil war. Some took up arms and fought at the front, others participated in organizations such as POUM, Mujeres Libres or other anarchist groups. All of them fought against the nationalist forces and for women’s emancipation, and together they achieved social progress such as free, legal abortion. They started a revolution, and to do so they not only had to fight fascism, but sometimes also their own brothers-in-arms. The great impact of these testimonies invites us to reflect on a struggle that belongs to another time and yet is relevant today. Diego Rabasa (Mexico) talks to the film director Ken Loach (United Kingdom) and Isabella Lorusso (Italy), about this extraordinary message of rebellion and justice.

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Event 21

Svetlana Alexievich in conversation with Mariana Katzarova

Escenario Digital Hay Querétaro
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The writer and journalist Svetlana Alexievich (Belarus), winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature, is a specialist in Soviet and post-Soviet history. She is the author of outstanding works including The Unwomanly Face of War, Voices from Chernobyl and Secondhand Time. Mariana Katzarova (Belarus) is the founder of RAW in WAR, an initiative that supports women journalists and human rights activists who work in regions in conflict. Katzarova has worked in such areas in Bosnia, Kosovo and the North Caucasus, and for a decade was the Russia investigator for Amnesty International. She has also led the UN’s Human Rights Monitoring Mission. At this event, these extraordinary figures will talk about the urgent need to investigate matters related to human rights, particularly in conflicts involving, or within, Russia.

Event in Russian with English and Spanish subtitles

Learn more about the great writer and journalist Svetlana Alexievichwith our BONUS TRACK

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Event 61

Screening of Adrenalina, followed by a discussion with Alberto Arnault and María Sirvent in conversation with Diego Rabasa

Biblioteca Publica Rosario Castellanos
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Adrenalina is a documentary about the Coahuila Youth Integration Centre. Teenagers and children who have stayed there offer their testimony and act in dramatic works through which they represent the realities that led them to be at the centre. The result is a view of both individual responsibility and also of systemic catastrophe, with the children using their own words and tools to express a fragile setting rarely seen in art, one that allows us to see the deep wounds that violence has caused in our country.

Duration of the documentary: 29 minutes

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