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Welcome to the Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias 2023 programme, to be held from 26 to 29 January. In this page you can find the events in the general programme as well as Hay Joven activities tor university audiences, Hay Comunitario sessions which will take place in different areas of Cartagena, Reading Clubs and Talento Editorial.

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Event HJ24

Screening of the documentary film Somos el barrio

 Universidad de Cartagena, Claustro de San Agustín (Aula Máxima de Derecho)
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Menchaca, Mujeres Independientes and San José El Alto, in the Epigmenio González Delegation, are neighborhoods in the Municipality of Querétaro (Mexico), which shelter the life stories of four young people from that area. This documentary approaches the reality of José María González Flores, “Chema”, of the “PQ́s” (Los pequeños) clique of “SanJo”, rapper and ex-convict; David Miranda Hernández, “DMH”, leader of the “DH” (Dejando Historia) gang; Everardo Mata Paredes, tattoo artist and artist belonging to the “ILCK” (Ilícitos Criminales), known as “Peluzín”; and Abigail León Pérez, “La Macho”, from the clique “LPRM” (La Princi Rompiendo Madres), who has been away from her parents since she was 15, and whose dream is to turn her talent in screen printing into a way of life. Let's look through the window and learn what moves and what stops the neighborhood, the street, and those who live there. A production of the Municipality of Querétaro (directed by Omar González Bustos; original idea by Dante Aguilar; Executive production by the Municipality of Querétaro, Dante Aguilar; produced by Martha Zamora).

Screening time: 120 minutes
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Screening of the documentary film Somos el barrio

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