Hay Festival Medellín 2023

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Santiago Beruete in conversation with Paula Villegas

Gardenshophy, greenery and a piece of land

 Plazoleta MAMM
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A Persian proverb says that "whoever builds a garden becomes an ally of light, no garden has ever emerged from darkness". Gardens are not only a material construction but also a refined cultural artefact with which philosophers, thinkers, architects and kings have thought about mankind's ideal of life on earth over the centuries. The lecturer, philosopher and gardener Santiago Beruete (Spain) has spent his entire career studying the relationship between the ordering of nature and human thought, in an attempt to reflect on how the relationship and care of nature brings us closer to becoming the best version of the human condition. In this talk, the author will talk with Paula Villegas about his trilogy on the subject, the essays Jardinosofía. Una historia filosófica sobre los jardines (Gardensophy. A philosophic story about gardens), Verdolatría. La naturaleza nos enseña a ser humanos (Greenery. Nature teaches us how to be humans) y Un trazo de tierra (A piece of land), where he invites us, through his stories, to preserve the environment, offering us a close and intimate look at our sustenance, nature, and all those handfuls of earth that make up what we are.

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