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Marta Peirano in conversation with Patricia Pinto

Against climate feudalism

Arequipa 2023, 
Marta Peirano is the author of the books El rival de Prometeo: Vidas de Autómatas Ilustres, El pequeño libro rojo del activista en la red, El enemigo conoce el sistema and Contra el futuro. The last of these was written to help us face the climate crisis with citizen action tools that challenge what the author calls “climate feudalism”. She was involved in founding the Culture sections of ADN and, has been a director of the Copyfight initiative and is co-founder of the Hacks/Hackers Berlin and Cryptoparty Berlin groups. Her TED talk ¿Por qué me vigilan, si no soy nadie? has been seen over four million times on YouTube. At this event, Marta Peirano will offer some reflections on technological sovereignty, democracy, the environment and what the future will bring. She will talk to Patricia Pinto.
Marta Peirano in conversation with Patricia Pinto