Hay Festival Arequipa 2021 – Wales

Are you in Arequipa? If you find yourself in the White City, you can see the live broadcasts of all of the events for free, on the big screen, comfortably seated at the Paraninfo de la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, where you can enjoy the talks from 1 to 7 November.

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Event HF12

Mererid Hopwood

Landscapes, Poetry and Peace

Escenario Digital Hay Festivalito
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Mererid Hopwood (United Kingdom) has a degree in Spanish and German and a doctorate in German Literature. Winner of the PEN Wales Emyr Humphreys Award, she is one of the most highly-regarded Welsh authors and she is dedicated to promoting the Welsh language and traditional Welsh poetry. At this event, Mererid will talk about Welsh poetry and culture, reflecting on matters such as the value of literature, language and peace. The roots of the Hay Festival are in Wales, a country that is less well known than its neighbour, England, and a country that has a language and a culture which are very old and very rich. In this talk, Mererid shares some words from her language that are practically impossible to translate to contemplate landscapes, poetry and peace. Mererid is the Cymrawd Rhyngwladol Cymru Greadigol Hay Festival 2020-21/ Hay Festival Creative Wales International Fellow 2020-21.

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