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Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 was held November 9-12, with 109 activities with 145 guests from 15 countries. We will offer 17 talks and workshops for students at the Hay Joven programme and 7 events for children at Hay Festivalito.

Hay Forum Moquegua took place on 8 November with four activities on education and current affairs.

Events are available at Hay Festival Anytime.

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Event HF4

Unicornio Azul in conversation with Omar Zevallos

The sea of souls

Auditorio del Museo Municipal
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The Arequipa artist and illustrator Rosita Charaja, better known as Unicornio Azul (“Blue Unicorn”), presents her first book, El mar de las almas, created together with the Chilean Nathalia CR. The book is created through dreams that reveal encounters in past lives, as a relationship of love is built up. The story explores the relationship between a distant past and the present, the development of rights over the course of history, and forms of love outside the heteronormative. In conversation with Omar Zevallos.

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Unicornio Azul in conversation with Omar Zevallos

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