Event 69

Miguel Pita in conversation with Jesús Vigorra


Venue: La Alhóndiga

Miguel Pita shows how DNA decides our life. The prestigious scientist has managed to successfully enter the mind of Ale, a human being, during a day of his life. In this book we will accompany Ale in the elevator, at work or on a date, and through this peculiar experiment, we will understand to what extent genetics marks our existence. Are we born or are we made? Like it or not, nature has deposited a secret plan inside us: we all carry a microchip that influences us. Our DNA directs the manufacture of each part of our body and each of the physiological reactions that run through it: from hormonal changes to digestion. And if it directs everything that happens in the body, why would it not direct what happens in the brain?

Since we got up, our day to day is conditioned. Do you dare to discover what your genetics decides for you? Pita talks to Jesús Vigorra, a prestigious journalist from Canal Sur.

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