Event 54

Edurne Portela, Janne Teller and Karolina Ramqvist in conversation with Giles Tremlett

Hay Festival Europa28

Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, Universidad IE, Aula Magna

Three of the most engaging writers in Europe: Edurne Portela (Spain) author of Mejor la Ausencia, awarded the 2018 Prize for Best Fiction Book of the Year by the Madrid Bookshops Guild and Formas de estar lejos; Janne Teller (Denmark) author of the modern Nordic saga Odin’s Island, where she discusses political and religious fanaticism, or the existential Nothing, initially censored and considered today a classic by many critics; Karolina Ramqvist (Sweden) one of the most influential writers and feminists of her generation, who tackles issues such as sexuality, commercialisation and isolation, author of The White City. All three take part in the Hay Festival Europa28 project and anthology, which brings together 28 women writers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs, one from each EU country, to convey their visions of the future of Europe through fiction or essay capturing a multidisciplinary snapshot of several of today's most interesting minds. They speak with the writer and journalist Giles Tremlett. Furthermore, the city of Rijeka in Croatia, European Capital of Culture 2020, will host an edition of the Hay Festival in Rijeka from October 5 to 9, 2020 with these 28 outstanding authors.

“The scale of vision (of the anthology) is ambitious, looking far back in history and across vast territories. Compassion and a plea for peaceful co-existence are the common themes in a bright celebration of unity in difference.” THE GUARDIAN

Karolina Ramqvist will participate live by videoconference, while Janne Teller, Edurne Portela and Giles Tremlett will be on stage

This session will be streamed live at YouTube

Photography of Edurne Portela: © Daniel Mordzinski

Photography of Janne Teller: © Schiffer-Fuchs

Photography of Karolina Ramqvist: © Jasmine Storch

Photography of Giles Tremlett: © EFE

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