Event 7

Miquel Molina, Jordi Corominas and Xavier Vidal

Culture and city model

Venue: Librería Nollegiu, carrer Pons i Subirá 3 (Barcelona)

Culture, as well as playing its role in disseminating knowledge and fostering people’s critical spirit, can shape a city's discourse. Indeed, cities that truly invest in culture eventually see an improvement in their capacity to attract and retain talent. Culture can also be seen to help shape tourist demand, favouring the arrival of visitors who are respectful of their destination city. Exploring these themes, Miquel Molina, journalist and writer, assistant director of La Vanguardia and author of titles such as Cinco horas en Venecia and Naturaleza muerta and Jordi Corominas, writer, literary critic and cultural agent who has published novels, essays, and books of poetry. He collaborates with RNE and the supplement La Lectura and has published, among others, Paragraf de Barcelona, The Violent City, Barcelona 1912, the last book of old Europe. They talk to Xavier Vidal, director of the Nollegiu bookshop in Barcelona.

The event will be presented by Sheila Cremaschi, director of Hay Festival Segovia.

Event in Spanish and in Catalan.

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Miquel Molina, Jordi Corominas and Xavier Vidal