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Stanislas Dehaene in conversation with Nelson Vallejo-Gómez

How does the human brain learn?

Arequipa 2022, 

Stanislas Dehaene, Professor of Experimental Cognitive Psychology at the Collège de France and Chair of the French National Scientific Education Council, will talk to the philosopher Nelson Vallejo-Gómez, General Secretary of the same council, about the marvel that is the human brain. What does the brain’s learning faculty consist of? We are in the presence of an extraordinary and hypercomplex machine for informational and cognitive production and invention which not only produces knowledge, but also knowledge about knowledge; the brain houses the central regulating system for thinking, sleeping and dreaming, for walking, breathing and beating the heart, for processing physical as well as psychic sensory information, and much more. Of all its faculties, the most remarkable is surely its ability to learn, since it can not only adapt to circumstances and contexts, but also eat, sleep, protect itself and reproduce, as well as act as a compass for navigating seas of uncertainty, and discover the unknown.

Simultaneous translation from French to Spanish available