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Clara Sánchez

My Words, Others’ Words

Event 1 Venue: Torreón de Lozoya

The writer talks to Ana Gavín about her latest book, El cielo ha vuelto, and starts reading from her work. The reading will be continued by Clara Luquero, Aurelio Martín, Teresa Sanz, Luis García Méndez, Jesús García Calero, Pedro Zuazua, Carlos Aganzo, César Gómez, Alfredo Matesanz, Gervasio Posadas, Lucía Herranz, Blanca García and Elena García Gil. After the reading, there will be a Q&A session with representatives of reading clubs both from Segovia and from online platforms.

Sign language interpreter available.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Pierre Lemaitre in conversation with Charo Izquierdo

Event 2 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Pierre Lemaitre talks about his novel, Au revoir là-haut, winner of the 2013 Prix Goncourt, which is set in the aftermath of the First World War. He talks to Charo Izquierdo, editor of the magazine Grazia. The event is presented by Alain Forh, Minister-Counsellor of the French Embassy in Spain.

Simultaneous translation from French into Spanish.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Santiago Gamboa in conversation with Enrique Bueres

Event 3 Venue: Iglesia de San Nicolás

The Colombian writer who won the La Otra Orilla award in 2009 for Necrópolis presents his book Océanos de arena, a diary of travels in the Middle East. He talks to Enrique Bueres, editor-in-chief of Canal+ and contributor to GQ magazine.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Clara Sánchez in conversation with Antonio San José

Event 4 Venue: Iglesia de San Nicolás

The winner of the 2013 Planeta Prize recreates in her novel El cielo ha vuelto something that underlies all her work: reality and personal relations, where the characters are taken to the limit, and where the people closest to us can hurt us most.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Martha Schwartz in conversation with Martha Thorne

Beyond bricks and mortar: Landscape, art and architecture for liveable cities

Event 5 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

The well-known landscape artist Martha Schwartz, Honorary Fellow of RIBA, design consultant to the Mayor of London and lecturer at the Harvard GSD, talks to Martha Thorne, executive director of the Pritzker Prize and city planning professor.

Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Lord Desai in conversation with Adam Austerfield

Event 8 Venue: Palacio Quintanar

The world economy has changed completely in the last five years and Spain is one of the most affected countries. What future is there for young Spaniards and Europeans in the 21st century? How will they survive and prosper given the prospects for employment, technological changes and the development of emerging markets as engines of the world economy? Lord Desai is an economist, Emeritus Professor of LSE and member of the British Labour Party.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Juan Bonilla in conversation with Carlos Granés

Event 6 Venue: Iglesia de San Nicolás

Juan Bonilla is the winner of the first Biennial Mario Vargas Llosa Novel Prize in 2014. He presents Prohibido entrar sin pantalones, a novel based on the figure of the Russian futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovski.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Elvira Lindo, Ángeles González-Sinde and Luis Alegre

Event 9 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Elvira Lindo and Ángeles González-Sinde talk about literature and film with the journalist Luis Alegre. The two have already worked together on Una palabra tuya, a film directed by González-Sinde and based on the novel by Lindo which won the Biblioteca Breve award. Elvira Lindo also wrote the script for the recent film La vida inesperada and González-Sinde was shortlisted for the 2013 Planeta Prize for her novel El buen hijo.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Chris Patten, Santiago Iñiguez and Javier Moreno

Europe, Innovation and Education

Event 10 Venue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real-IE University

Chris Patten (Lord Patten of Barnes) is a British politician, Chancellor of Oxford University and co-chair of the UK–India Round Table. He talks to Santiago Iñiguez, president of IE University, and Javier Moreno, journalist and former editor (2006–2014) of El País. The event is introduced by Revel Guest, Chair of the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts.

Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Juan Marc Marginedas and Gervasio Sánchez with Aurelio Martín

Living Through Wars

Event 7 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

With dozens of wars going on in various places around the world, Juan Marc Marginedas and Gervasio Sánchez are two examples of journalists who cover them. Their mission is to remove the curtain of opacity from conflicts, keeping information flowing and letting society know what is going on, even though they might personally suffer in wartime situations.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Mario Vargas Llosa and JMG Le Clézio

Event 11 Venue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real-IE University

Two Literature Nobel laureates (from 2010 and 2008 respectively) talk about their literary careers. Chaired by the writer Carlos Granés.

Event in Spanish

Co-organised with the Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Ayuntamiento de Córdoba, Cosmopoética and the Cátedra Mario Vargas Llosa, in association with the Institut Français and the French Embassy in Spain

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

JJ Armas Marcelo in conversation with Jorge Edwards

Event 12 Venue: Iglesia de San Nicolás

The journalist and writer JJ Armas Marcelo presents his latest novel, Réquiem habanero por Fidel. He talks to the author of Persona non grata, Chilean writer Jorge Edwards (Premio Cervantes).

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Ignacio Martínez de Pisón in conversation with Ana Gavín

Event 13 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Ignacio Martínez de Pisón talks to Ana Gavín about his latest novel La buena reputación, a family history that covers a number of generations and takes the reader through different Spanish cities, up to the present day. A panorama of relationships and experiences to make the reader reflect on life.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Luis García Montero in conversation with Miguel Ríos

Event 14 Venue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Luis García Montero, winner of the 2003 National Critics’ Prize for La intimidad de la serpiente, presents his latest novel Alguien dice tu nombre, and talks to rock-star Miguel Ríos.

Price: €3.00 (EUR) 

Péter Esterházy, Georg von Habsburg and Arpad Von Lazar

Event 15 Venue: La Alhóndiga

The internationally famous writer Péter Esterházy is well-known for his work Harmonia Caelestis, which tells the story of his aristocratic ancestors during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Haydn composed music in his family’s palace. The grandson of the last prime minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire talks to the grandson of the last Emperor, HM Georg von Habsburg. Chaired by Arpad von Lazar, Emeritus Professor of the Fletcher School of Tufts University (USA) and member of the advisory board of IE University and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Simultaneous translation from German into Spanish

Price: €3.00 (EUR)