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Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 will be held November 9 to 12.

All festival events will be in-person, and several of them will be streamed for the digital audience.

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On site box office: Teatro Fénix General Morán, 104.

From October 30 onwards.

Whatsapp contact (only in Spanish): +51 986 201 093

Other sections of our programming:

Hay Forum Moquegua, November 8.

Hay Joven, for University students

Hay Festivalito, for children

Hay Festival Arequipa is a cultural and ideas festival for all audiences that celebrates the arts and sciences through inclusive, accessible and playful events. Hay Festival Arequipa is defined by the dissemination of culture and social commitment...


Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 venues

  • Alianza Francesa de Arequipa. Santa Catalina, 208
  • Auditorio Colegio de Abogados. Calle Jerusalén, 313
  • Casa Tristán del Pozo. Calle San Francisco, 108
  • Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán. Calle Ugarte, 207
  • Plaza San Francisco
  • Teatro Arequepay. Portal de la Municipalidad, 110
  • Teatro Fénix - Escenario Gales / Llwyfan Cymru. General Morán, 104
  • UNSA (Paraninfo). Calle San Agustín, 106
  • UNSA (Sala Mariano Melgar). Calle San Agustín, 106
  • Universidad Católica de Santa María. Urb. San José, San José s/n, Yanahuara
  • Universidad Continental. Av. Los Incas s/n, Urb. Lambramani

Hay Forum Moquegua 2023 venue

  • Auditorio del Centro Cultural Santo Domingo


The Live Drawing Project is a creative and participatory initiative that allows people to create a collective artwork using their smartphones. The process involves members of the audience freely drawing on their devices while connected to a real-time video projection. All drawings are instantly projected onto a wall or large surface, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience.

This project has successfully held several exhibitions in historical monuments in cities such as Brussels (Belgium), Paris, Saint-Étienne, Troyes (France), Dublin (Ireland), Copenhagen (Denmark), and this year it is coming to Latin America for a tour in countries like Colombia and Peru. The White City of Arequipa is one of the privileged locations to host this promising exhibition, thanks to the management of the Alianza Francesa de Arequipa.

Date: November 11
Time: 17:00
Location: Plaza de Armas de Arequipa 
Free admission


The Alianza Francesa de Arequipa and the Fundación Telefónica Movistar present Joanie Lemercier: "Landscapes of Light," an individual exhibition by the French artist that will immerse the viewer in a journey through different landscapes. The exhibition will transport us from the contemplation of refined abstract lines to the fascination provoked by computer-generated majestic mountains, to the unsettling reality of an overexploited nature. A pioneer in the artistic use of videomapping and co-founder of the AntiVJ collective in 2008, Lemercier (Rennes, 1982) established his own studio in 2009, first in New York and, since 2015, based in Brussels. He focuses on creating pieces that use projected light to generate experiences that alter visual perception. Through computer programming and device manipulation, he transforms projectors into a source of light capable of changing the appearance of things and making us question the conception of reality. 

Date:  From November 9
Time: 09:00 to 20:00
Location: Galería Luis Bouroncle Barreda de la Alianza Francesa de Arequipa, Santa Catalina 208
Free admission


13 Monjas presents "Poéticas (para imaginar el mundo)," an installation-exhibition by the renowned artist from Arequipa, Nereida Apaza Mamani.

This is an intervention of space with an installation that evokes the school classroom and invites participants to have an aesthetic experience. Visitors can choose from nine textile notebooks from the "Patria" series, intertwining the intimate and the political, the national historical and the familial, the public and the private, to create new languages, new ways of expressing, facing, and questioning.

Location: 13 Monjas restaurant, Calle Santa Catalina 300 B1
Time: 08.30 to 22.00 h
Dates: Del 9 al 12 noviembre
For more information, contact via WhatsApp: +51 958 428 960


The Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano presents "Híbridos Errantes," an exhibition by artist Rhony Alhalel Lender, a selection that spans painting, sculpture, drawing, and calligraphy, revealing his technical mastery and his worldview.

Rhony Alhalel has held more than 36 solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Peru and abroad, including an exhibition in Japan with the Spanish artist Antonio Tàpies.

He has carried out several monumental sculptural projects: "La Marinera" in homage to Chabuca Granda, Alameda Chabuca Granda; "El Ángel" for the Spanish company Telefónica del Perú; Lima, among others.

Location: Art gallery of Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Calle Melgar 109
Time: 08:30  to 19:00 h (Saturdays: 10:00 to 16:00 h) 
Dates: November 11 to 30


Nest Carpenter. Individual sculpture exhibition by artist Daniel Gallegos.

Location: Calle San Agustín 106 (2do. Piso)
Time: 18.30 hs
Free admission

Eidetic. Individual exhibition of digital collage by artist Paul Lazarte Velásquez.

Location: Calle Santa Catalina 101
Opening: November 7, 18:30 h.
Dates: November 7 to 30
Free admission

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