Online tickets for Hay Festival Arequipa are already available. Registration will be on our website. Once tickets are purchased, an email with a QR code will be sent. You can print your QR code or download it to your phone, to show it at the venue.

Box office

Direct sale  at the box office of the Mario Vargas Llosa Library (c/ San Francisco 308) from 5 to 11 November 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 h.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the corresponding venue before each event, until full capacity is reached, and students without reservation would be able to pass until the reserved capacity is completed.


General programme: 7 nuevos soles

Mario Vargas Llosa events: 10 nuevos soles

Marcela Roggeri concert: 20 nuevos soles

El Sistema Solar play: 15 nuevos soles

Hay Festivalito events (children & YA): free, after online registration

Hay Joven events (students): free, after online registration


20% of the capacity of the events of the general programme will be free of charge to registered students, until full quota. For the reservation of these tickets, you can register online. One entry per event may be requested.

Hay Festivalito (HF)

Events numbered HF are for children and young audience. These events are free, after online registration. An accreditation will be requested, and it must be attached with te registration form. Take nto account the ages indicated in each event when registering. For children under 16, each record corresponds to a child accompanied by an adult.

Hay Joven (HJ)

Hay Joven's programme is co-organized with the Universidad Católica de San Pablo. You can register online

The programme is subject to changes. In case of cancellation of any of the events, the ticket may be exchanged for another one or we will refund the amount of your ticket.

To acces to the events, please, be punctual. The festival will reserve the right of admission to the venues once the activity begins.

The festival will have the right to use photos made to the public during the events through its promotional channels.


Teatro Municipal  (Calle Mercaderes 239)

Casa Tristán del Pozo, BBVA (San Francisco 108)

Biblioteca Regional Mario Vargas Llosa  (Calle San Francisco 308)

Sala Mariano Melgar - Universidad Nacional San Agustín (Calle San Agustín 106)

 Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (Theater, auditorium and library) (Calle Melgar 109)

Auditorio Instituto Peruano Alemán (Calle Ugarte 207)

Centro de las Artes de la Universidad Católica San Pablo (Calle Palacio Viejo 414)

Sala de Conferencias de la Alianza Francesa de Arequipa (Calle Santa Catalina 208, Cercado)

Auditorio del Colegio de Arquitectos de Arequipa (Calle Bolívar 207)

Hay Festival Team

Operative team

Gabriela Alosilla, Carla Cruzado, Diana Gonzáles Obando, Press, Julio del Carpio Coordination of the photographic record, Rosa Cruz y Gabriel Light, Graphic design, Ángela Delgado Valdivia Developvment Director Hay Festival Arequipa, Peter Florence Director, Cristina Fuentes La Roche Hay Festival International Director, Izara García Rodríguez Hay Festival América Coordinator, Sheila Hall, Coordination assistant, Iñaki Lasa Etura Content coordination, Paul Richardson Web page, Maria Luisa Rodríguez Production, Zoe Romero Miranda Hay Festival América guests coordination, Ximena Ruiz Rosas Public relations, Manuel y Mario Torres Silva, Volunteers coordination

Hay Festival Directors

Terry Burns (Vice-President), Lyndy Cooke, Geraint Davies, Peter Florence, Cristina Fuentes La Roche, Nik Gowing, Guto Harri, Caroline Michel Presidenta, Jesse Norman, Francine Stock and Michelle Walder

Hay Festival Arequipa Vicepresidents

Mauricio Chirinos y Chirinos, Alonso Ruiz-Rosas Cateriano, Hernando Torres-Fernández


Rosie Boycott, Terry Burns, Dylan Jones Presidente, Caroline Michel, Maurice Saatchi

Thanks: Many thanks to the Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, as collaborating entity. To the volunteers, the technical team, the interpreters, and the media.To Eliot Audiovisual, Arstescénica and Vía Expresa Cinema and Video 

Partner for Latin America


Principal Sponsor

Fundación BBVA Continental