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Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 was held November 9-12, with 109 activities with 145 guests from 15 countries. We will offer 17 talks and workshops for students at the Hay Joven programme and 7 events for children at Hay Festivalito.

Hay Forum Moquegua took place on 8 November with four activities on education and current affairs.

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Event 58

Humberto de la Calle in conversation with Salvador del Solar

The Pacific revolution

UNSA (Paraninfo)
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The Colombian lawyer Humberto de la Calle was Minister of the Government during the César Gaviria presidency, Vice-President of the Republic and ambassador to Spain and the UK in the late 1990s. In 2001 he presided over the deliberations that resulted in the OAS’s Democratic Charter. After leaving public life and becoming involved in academia, journalism and law, in 2012 he was appointed Chief Negotiator of the government’s delegation in the peace process with FARC. After signing the Final Agreement at the Colón Theatre, he was a presidential candidate in 2018. Today he is a senator in the Colombian National Congress, and within that institution is a member of the Primary Council, whose legislative work focusses on matters related to peace, the guarantee of human rights, social reforms, the fight against inequality and preserving the environment. He has recently published a novel based on real events, La inverosímil muerte de Hércules Pretorius, about a young lawyer who had always been attracted to the idea of bringing about a peaceful social revolution. In conversation with Salvador del Solar.
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Humberto de la Calle in conversation with Salvador del Solar

Event 78

Rosario Sasieta in conversation with Ángel María Manrique Linares

A lawyer at hand

Auditorio Colegio de Abogados
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Rather than aiming to be an academic textbook or a volume aimed at professionals or law students, Tu abogada en casa, by Rosario Sasieta, is a valuable manual that the author intends to offer practical guidance and recommendations regarding the legal rights and obligations that are relevant in the situations that citizens experience throughout their lives. At this event with Ángel María Manrique Linares, the “Señora Ley” will explain some essential legal concepts, such as child benefit, adoption and inheritance, and will share with the public some of the proposals that she supported in the years when she was a member of parliament and Women’s Minister, in order to improve certain procedures.

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Rosario Sasieta in conversation with Ángel María Manrique Linares

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