Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 – Memoir

Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 was held November 9-12, with 109 activities with 145 guests from 15 countries. We will offer 17 talks and workshops for students at the Hay Joven programme and 7 events for children at Hay Festivalito.

Hay Forum Moquegua took place on 8 November with four activities on education and current affairs.

Events are available at Hay Festival Anytime.

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Event 65

Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in conversation with Enrique Planas

At the top of life

UNSA (Paraninfo)
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Our guest at this event is a pioneer of great achievements. She is the first Peruvian to reach the summit of Sagarmatha (Mount Everest), and to reach the six peaks that follow in order of altitude. She is also the first openly LGTBI+ person to climb these seven mountains. Silvia Vásquez-Lavado tells her story in the book In the Shadow of the Mountain, winner of the Stanford Travel Book of the Year in the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. In the book, as well as her achievements, the author talks about a past of traumas and excesses, of alcoholism and promiscuous sex and, before this, of childhood abuse. Vásquez-Lavado reveals how an ayahuasca ceremony helped her to connect with the mountains. Linked with this past, she undertook her expeditions accompanied by other victims of sexual abuse, as part of her Courageous Girls project, founded in 2014. Silvia Vásquez-Lavado will talk to Enrique Planas about her activism, her memories and about the film currently being made, with Selena Gómez playing the lead role.
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Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in conversation with Enrique Planas

Event 79

Presentation of Mi fiesta es mía, with Wendy Ramos

Teatro Fénix - Escenario Gales / Llwyfan Cymru
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Mi fiesta es mía, the phenomenal book by Wendy Ramos, unites some of the memories and experiences of the author, who is also a social communicator, actor, clown and activist. “Your life is your party, not that of your guests” is the wonderful premise of this book which, as well as being a look at the life of the writer, invites us to go on a journey of self-knowledge, to answer the question: is this what I really want? Wendy Ramos will present her work an inspirational event, one that can help us to starting thinking about our party in this world.

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Presentation of Mi fiesta es mía, with Wendy Ramos

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