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Welcome to the Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 programme. This celebration of literature, culture and ideas will run 9-12 November, presenting 109 activities with 145 guests from 15 countries. We will offer 17 talks and workshops for students at the Hay Joven programme and 7 events for children at Hay Festivalito.

Hay Forum Moquegua will take place on 8 November with four activities on education and current affairs.

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Event 81

Lucero del Castillo and Víctor Vich in conversation with Nereida Apaza Mamani

The poetry of an album

Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán
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Based on the publication of Contrapunto, an album of photos that explores the relationship between text and image, this event looks at how poetic discourse can leave behind its habitual language to make an image with words, and how images activate the need to talk about them in words. We read the images and look at the poems. Víctor Vich, a Doctor in Hispano-American Literature from Georgetown University and the author of several books on poetry, art and cultural policy, will talk about this proposal, which has combined the archive of a photographer -Lucero Del Castillo- with the author’s knowledge as a lecturer in poetry. This event will demonstrate the uniqueness of a book that is innovative in its form and the way in which it offers a sequence (always open to the reader) that involves an examination of the conditions in which we inhabit the world. In conversation with Nereida Apaza Mamani.

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Lucero del Castillo and Víctor Vich in conversation with Nereida Apaza Mamani

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