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Adriana Roca and Karina Villalba

Sowing knowledge. The experience of the Pichoncito publishing house

Venue: Teatro Arequepay
Textbooks play a crucial role in children’s development by helping them to understand the world around them and stimulating their innate curiosity. Since 2018, Pichoncito publishers (Peru) has been planting in children a love of books, stories and the cultural heritage of Peru, through books, toys, experiences and audio-visual content of the highest quality. In these years, they have published over 75,000 copies of around thirty children’s titles. Together with those who have guided this successful publishing project, we will explore the fascinating world of creating textbooks for children and we will discover how we can inspire children to love learning from an early age. This event is aimed at parents, educators, librarians and anybody interested in promoting an interest in reading and knowledge among young people. By Adriana Roca and Karina Villalba.
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Adriana Roca and Karina Villalba
Adriana Roca and Karina Villalba

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