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Sabrina Duque in conversación with Jorge Jaime Valdez

Travelling through life

Venue: Universidad Continental, Auditorio

Journalist, essayist and translator. Sabrina Duque won the Michael Jacobs Travel Writing Scholarship in 2018 and has been a finalist for the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for Journalism. In 2017 she published Lama (Turbina), a chronicle about the lives of the survivors of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatú de Baixo, towns in the interior of Brazil buried by toxic mud that overflowed from a mining waste dam. In 2019, she published VolcáNica (Debate), which covers both the volcanic nature of Nicaragua and its shocks, explosions and political flare-ups, regarding the protests of April 2018, which gave way to intense repression in the country. Her latest book, Necesito saber hoy de tu vida, a collection of profiles written in Portugal and Brazil, was published in 2023 by Anagrama. Excerpts from it have been translated into Portuguese, Italian and English. She has published in Etiqueta Negra, Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil), O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil), Internazionale (Italy), The New York Times (USA), GK (Ecuador), El Malpensante (Colombia), Gatopardo (Mexico) and Brecha (Uruguay). She has lived in Portugal, Brazil, and Nicaragua, but currently resides in the United States.. In conversation with Jorge Jaime Valdez.

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Sabrina Duque in conversación with Jorge Jaime Valdez
Sabrina Duque in conversación with Jorge Jaime Valdez

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