Event HJ14

Marie Arana in conversation with Daniel Mitma

Under the skin of Latin America

Venue: Universidad Continental, Auditorio
La plata, la espada y la piedra is a book that invites us to discover and understand the intricate layers of Latin American history, weaving together the biographies of three contemporary Latin Americans with a thousand years of vibrant history. At this event, the writer Marie Arana (Peru/United States) offers us a look at the lives of Leonor Gonzáles, Carlos Buergos and Xavier Albó in order to talk about the exploitation of the land, cycles of violence and the complex legacy of the Catholic Church. A conversation that will deal with the region’s many and profound wounds, and also reflect on its resilience and its potential to forge a fairer and more equitable future. En conversación con Daniel Mitma.
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Marie Arana in conversation with Daniel Mitma
Marie Arana in conversation with Daniel Mitma

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