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El árbol de la queñua es vida

Event with the children of the Hogar de Cristo association

Venue: Plaza San Francisco

Motivated by their successful experience at the 2022 HFA, at the music and dance workshops run by the Hogar de Cristo, the children and young people involved have created a musical work full of life. They invite us to the opening of El árbol de la queñua es vida. This is a show featuring Huayno music and which will involve the active participation of the audience. In this way, we will celebrate this great tree that represents life. This is a dramatic work that aims to underline all that is good about Mother Earth and remember that there were once queñua forests in the highest areas of Arequipa. By reviving the rituals of our ancestors –who knew well that Mother Earth must be respected and venerated, and understood that dance and music are food for the soul– we can better appreciate the relationship between art and nature. The musical is a call to be aware of the importance of native plants. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the streets of Arequipa were full of trees? Can we not dream of recovering those queñua woods in the city’s upper reaches? Together we can take the first steps to make this dream a reality. We enjoy the Huayno El árbol de la queñua es vida.

Musical director: Américo Martínez

Musical arrangement: Jesús Alberto Gonzales

Choreography and dance: Noemí Rojas Surco

Director of the Hogar de Cristo: Flor Esteban Ninantay

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El árbol de la queñua es vida
El árbol de la queñua es vida

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