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Peruvian recipe book with Malena Martínez

Festín. A festival of flavour!

Venue: Plaza San Francisco

Festín is a cookery book that presents Peruvian ingredients in a light-hearted way, with striking and unusual recipes created especially for children by Pía León, one of the world’s finest cooks, and Malena Martínez, the outstanding researcher into Peruvian biodiversity. Mashua ice cream, oca doughnuts, muña lemonade? Yes, please, delicious! Festín is an invitation to discover the marvels that grow in the fertile lands of Peru and an opportunity to explore, discover and learn. A festival of colour and taste, and a banquet to share. At this event, we will meet Malena Martínez, who will reveal the great secrets of the ingredients and cuisine of our country.

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Peruvian recipe book with Malena Martínez
Peruvian recipe book with Malena Martínez

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