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Are you in Arequipa? If you find yourself in the White City, you can see the live broadcasts of all of the events for free, on the big screen, comfortably seated at the Paraninfo de la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, where you can enjoy the talks from 1 to 7 November.

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Event 31

Carlos Moreno in conversation with Luis Calatayud

The 15-minute city

Teatro Fénix - Escenario Gales / Llwyfan Cymru
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Carlos Moreno (Colombia/France) is Associate Lecturer at the University of Paris IAE-Pantheon Sorbonne. There he is the Scientific Director of Enterprise, Territory and Innovation, which involves developing urban planning and mobility solutions for cities. He is the creator of the 15-minute city concept, which consists of a city model that is decentralised, with multiple nodes and a range of services, in which citizens can have their essential needs met within a 15-minute walk. In his new book, La revolución de la proximidad: De la «ciudad mundo» a la «ciudad de los quince minutos», the author sets out the key steps for achieving this new urban model. In conversation with Luis Calatayud.
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Carlos Moreno in conversation with Luis Calatayud

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