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Hay Festival Arequipa 2023 was held November 9-12, with 109 activities with 145 guests from 15 countries. We will offer 17 talks and workshops for students at the Hay Joven programme and 7 events for children at Hay Festivalito.

Hay Forum Moquegua took place on 8 November with four activities on education and current affairs.

Events are available at Hay Festival Anytime.

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Event 24

Blanca Chávez and Mónica Huerta in conversation with Cecilia Valenzuela

The Arequipa shrimp: myths and truths

UNSA (Sala Mariano Melgar)
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The shrimp native to the Arequipa rivers, such as the Majes, the Ocoña and the Tambo, is a culinary treasure that needs to be protected and preserved. At this event, we explore the cultural, historical and economic value of this emblematic product from the Peruvian larder, as well as its relationship with the Arequipa area. There will be a discussion of the possibility of giving the product a designation of origin, a label that recognises its authenticity and quality, as well as how that might offer benefits both to producers and consumers while also ensuring sustainable growth and preserving its distinctive qualities. Discussing these matters will be the experts Blanca Chávez and Mónica Huerta. In conversation with Cecilia Valenzuela.
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Blanca Chávez and Mónica Huerta in conversation with Cecilia Valenzuela

Event 33

Erick Díaz, Mónica Huerta and Alfonso Núñez in conversation with Nora Sugobono

El Comercio round table. From picantería to new formats: the menu that defines Arequipan gastronomy today

Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán
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The ingredients, techniques and culinary heritage of Arequipa have a central presence in contemporary Peruvian cuisine. Their influence goes beyond the country’s borders and defines our gastronomic identity. The last Somos Awards confirmed that the public throughout Peru has an interest in (and appetite for) this cuisine, rooted in a tradition that is National Cultural Heritage and which has produced various contemporary versions. How can this tradition be kept alive? Is there space for purism and for the avant-garde? Erick Díaz, from Chicha restaurant, Mónica Huerta Alpaca, picantera at La Nueva Palomino and Alfonso Núñez, from the restaurant 13 Monjas will talk to Nora Sugobono, Editor of Somos magazine.
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Erick Díaz, Mónica Huerta and Alfonso Núñez in conversation with Nora Sugobono

Event HF6

Peruvian recipe book with Malena Martínez

Festín. A festival of flavour!

Plaza San Francisco
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Festín is a cookery book that presents Peruvian ingredients in a light-hearted way, with striking and unusual recipes created especially for children by Pía León, one of the world’s finest cooks, and Malena Martínez, the outstanding researcher into Peruvian biodiversity. Mashua ice cream, oca doughnuts, muña lemonade? Yes, please, delicious! Festín is an invitation to discover the marvels that grow in the fertile lands of Peru and an opportunity to explore, discover and learn. A festival of colour and taste, and a banquet to share. At this event, we will meet Malena Martínez, who will reveal the great secrets of the ingredients and cuisine of our country.

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Peruvian recipe book with Malena Martínez

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